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Pointe Organizing is a professional team that works with our clients to help them organize their homes and workspaces in order for them to live life to the fullest.  Partners Kate and Kristyn are committed to each of our clients' unique situations and dedicate ourselves to creating solutions…whether in an entire home or office, or one area they just don’t have the desire or time to tackle. 

Our clients are serious about living life!  They are smart, active people with busy schedules who don’t want or need the task of organizing slowing them down.  And with today’s ever-changing school and work conditions, demanding careers, hectic family schedules, and shifting household space functions, the pace can be dizzying.  Oftentimes all the stuff and clutter can really get in the way of experiencing life the way you want.

Take the first step towards a more organized life by calling us today at 313-300-0430 or email us at

We’d love to talk about how we can help you!

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Pointe Organizing is Grosse Pointe's go-to team for all your home organizing needs.

Our Process

Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment Meeting

The purpose of the initial consultation and needs assessment is to identify and define the client’s organizing challenges and goals. Since each situation is unique, it is critical to get a clear picture of where you are and where you are headed before taking one step forward. 


During the implementation phase, we work with our clients to achieve all of their home organizing needs, covering any area of the home. We work hand in hand with some clients, while others prefer us to handle the whole organization process independently.  We work quickly and efficiently to sort, clear out, and organize, and also handle recycling, donations, and Facebook and Ebay Sales.

Follow-Up Evaluation

Once an organizing system is in place the client has an opportunity to “test” the system, it is important to evaluate how the system is working. If client desires, Pointe Organizing will happily provide a follow-up and evaluation session.

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We have worked with Kate and Kristyn in Grosse Pointe for years, and we knew we could count on them to help get us settled in when we purchased a vacation home up north. We were busy with work, so they went up, handled the utility and home office installs, researched and recommended design update elements like countertops, flooring and more.  It was a load off our mind and a huge time saver.  I'd definitely recommend them to help with whatever you need handled at your house!

"I had worked with other organizers before but Kate and Kristyn were far superior! They were efficient and worked quickly. Our basement has been used more than it ever has in the three years we have lived here, and I have a peace of mind that is wonderful.  I can't thank them enough." 

Angela, Grosse Pointe Park

Heather, Grosse Pointe Farms

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We had a big move coming over the holidays and were running out of time.  Kate and Kristyn jumped in to pack, move and organize our new kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms before the home movers came.  We were settled into the areas of our new home that really mattered on day one.  It would have been SO much more stressful if they hadn't been there to help.  Working with them was a real game changer!

"I got the best Mother's Day gift ever!  My family treated me to a package with Kate and Kristyn to organize my newly remodeled kitchen.  They found the perfect area for everything and now my kitchen looks great and functions perfectly. It was such a bright spot in our year, we love it!" 

Karen, Grosse Pointe Farms

Gretchen, Grosse Pointe

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Longtime friends Kristyn and Kate joined together to form Pointe Organizing in 2019.  Their mutual enthusiasm for organizing inspired them to help others in their homes.  Their backgrounds have provided them with unique yet complimentary experience to offer their clients a highly personal level of service. A little more about us:

Kristyn has an eclectic background in advertising sales, physical therapy and now home organizing. At a young age, she could walk into a home and envision what a few changes would bring to a space. A complete home remodel to the studs ignited a passion to have everything in its place. Her twenty-two years as a physical therapist helped her hone the skills needed to empathize with the home organization client’s needs and help empower them to regain order in their lives. The satisfaction of seeing a well organized home and the client’s sense of relief from the anxiety that accompanies disorganization is extremely gratifying to her.  

Kate spent much of her free time as a child arranging and rearranging her bedroom and any other space in the house her parents would let her get her hands on.  When that was done, she’d split her time between drafting ‘architectural’ home plans on graph paper, and managing the ‘restaurant’ that she had created in the basement rec room.  Let’s just say her creative and entrepreneurial energy has been a huge part of her life story! She has enjoyed a rewarding career in marketing, most recently having launched a magazine about the people, stories and ideas defining Detroit.  Having worked long hours during her career, she loves her new role as she channels her dedication and energy to make life easier for her busy clients.

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Q & A



  • Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment Meeting: Complementary.

  • Implementation: $60/hour for one person or $80/hour for two-person team. The size of the team recommended is determined following the initial consultation.  Implementation fee is due and payable at the conclusion of each appointment unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • Follow-up Evaluation: No charge for the first thirty minutes, after thirty minutes $80/hour.

  • Ongoing services, weekly or monthly followup visits are also available.   


Pointe Organizing accepts cash, check or App payment.


Any Implementation appointments canceled by client with less than 24 hour’s notice to Pointe Organizing will be charged for half the amount of the scheduled appointment time.

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We are excited to get to know you and hear about your needs while helping you reach your organizing goals.  

Please use this form to jot down some notes to discuss with us. Knowing why you're making the decision is beneficial to us both - it’s the best way to make sure that we’re able to assist you in reaching your goals!

We understand that it can be a big step to invite us into your personal spaces, and we ensure our client’s privacy and maintain complete confidentiality at all times.

1.313.300.0430 or 1.313.300.0251

Thanks for submitting!

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